Europa Casino

We've long heard that Europa Casino is Europe's leading online casino, but wanted to explore the factors behind this illustrious title.

No one and nothing gets ahead on reputation alone. After some diligent research, i.e. trying out the casino for ourselves, we've learned why. It's that winning combination of reliability, security, big bonuses, excellent customer support and of course, the games themselves.

The reliability factor is for starters a highly reliable online casino. This is no "fly by night" establishment. Now celebrating its 8th year online, EuropaCasino has stood the test of time, continuing to provide the type of gaming experience online gamblers seek (and enjoy) year after year.

And, after all the years, you can feel secure that this online casino isn't going to suddenly disappear, along with your hard-earned money. In other words, you have peace of mind that your money is safe.

The Bonus Factor

While the big aim of online gamers is generally fun and winnings, we all know that the bonuses add to the draw. Casino Europa certainly understands this motive, which is why you can expect to receive great bonus offers throughout your time at the casino.

Besides a €2,400 Welcome Bonus, you can expect promotional offers on a weekly basis (if not more), each offering the ability to "earn" free money with each deposit. Extra funds buy you a whole lot more of exactly what you're looking for - the entertainment and winnings.

The Games Factor

The biggest draw of EuropaCasino, however, from our experience, is the game selection. With a number hovering somewhere between 300 and 350 Playtech games, you'll never be bored.

Besides the regular fair of online slots, roulette, blackjack and other casino genre games, Europa Casino is regularly adding new titles to its gaming catalog.

Early 2012 alone saw the addition of some 15 exciting new games including Gladiator Jackpot, Wheel of Light, Medusa's Gaze, Hot Gems and Video Roulette.

All of these games are both easy and exciting to play, feature great graphics and offer many winning opportunities.

The Customer Service Factor

The final big ingredient in terms of Casino Europa's great appeal is what we call the support factor, i.e. the fact that you can easily access a friendly and professional (live) individual who can help you with any of your gaming needs any time, every day. This, much like reputation, is great for your peace of mind and in turn, ability to truly enjoy yourself.